People of STN:

Andrew Hansen is program director at Anselm House, a Christian study center at the University of Minnesota. He holds a PhD in modern European intellectual history from the University of Notre Dame.

Alan C. Love is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science. His research concentrates on concepts, methods, and reasoning in developmental and evolutionary biology with a special focus on conceptual change, explanatory pluralism, the structure of evolutionary theory, reductionism, the nature of historical science, and interdisciplinary epistemology.

Philip Rolnick is Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas and serves as Chair of the Science and Theology Network (STN). As the author of many theological books and articles, his major research areas have been: 1) analogy—how words refer to God; 2) what personhood means for Christian faith; and 3) the relation of science and Christian theology; and 4) the thought of C. S. Lewis. Philip Rolnick has been the recipient of the Exemplary Teacher Award of Greensboro College; several Templeton Foundation grants; a North Carolina Humanities Scholar; and the University Scholars Grant from the University of St. Thomas; and he has been a member of Princeton’s Center of Theological Inquiry and Notre Dame’s seminar on Human Distinctiveness.

Walter J. Schultz holds a BA, MA, and PhD in Philosophy with doctoral specializations in mathematical logic and economic theory.  (He studied economics personally with Leonid Hurwicz who later won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2007.)    Dr. Schultz has been profoundly influenced by the Christ-centeredness of the 18th century theologian/ philosopher, Jonathan Edwards. His work over the last 15 years has been to explore how the philosophy of mathematics and the metaphysics of science can be understood by taking as fundamental the idea that God is acting according to his plans for his purposes in Christ.

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